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Articles & Essays

The Echoes oriejct is a a series of essay projects for Korean students to express their contempoary views on issues of Korean histroy. This section contains the four co;lections published by Kyungan High school along wioth other contributions.
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Article on Modern Seoul

Major Jae Jongil Announces New Ansan Citizen Team for 2017

What Wednesday Means to Ansan Fans!

Ansan Website: www.ansanfsc.com - the supporters group for professional Ansan foitball since 2008.   Use the carrot - not the stick - essay on corporal punishment
OGC Contains Article archive from OGC, a gaming club operating in the Liverpool, Lancahsire and Yorkshire regions between 1999 and 2009. This collection contains all of the club updates and rulebooks for Warhammer 40,000 2nd edition as well as an extensive collection of articles produced by the club during its operation.  

Human Rights round-up - HR issues from around the world

HIV in the news - A reference of HIV related articles

Liverpool Amnesty
Former website for Amnesty International groups operating in the Liverpool. The site was last updated in 2008 and exists here as a legacy project.

The beautiful game in Korea - article for school magazine

Ethical software - Open source and free software on the internet




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