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July 2008

President of Sudan 'likely to be indicted' for war crimes in Darfur (12-7-08) Independent

David Davis has struck a fine blow for the cause of civil liberties (12-7-08) Independent

Colombia rescue: Farc says betrayal led to hostages' rescue (12-7-08) Guardian

France rejects Muslim woman over radical practice of Islam (12-7-08) Guardian

China and Russia veto Zimbabwe sanctions (12-7-08) Guardian

Zimbabwe hails sanctions failure (12-7-08) BBC

UN to urge revamp of Afghan aid (6-7-08) BBC

Film of Zimbabwe 'vote-rigging' (5-7-08) BBC

Video shows daring Colombian raid (5-7-08) BBC

Mugabe aide tells West: 'Go hang' (1-7-08) BBC


June 2008

Robert Mugabe to be sworn in before election results announced (29-6-08) Times

Blood money: the MPs cashing in on Zimbabwe's misery (29-6-08) Independent

Spin doctor behind Davis's campaign promotes ID cards (29-6-08) Independent

Shadow of war looms as Israel flexes its muscle (29-6-08) Guardian

Pakistan army attacks militants (28-6-08) BBC

UN warns of Somalia pirate threat (26-6-08) BBC

Queen strips Mugabe of knighthood (25-6-08) BBC

Raids hit EU 'people-smugglers' (23-6-08) BBC

Councils warned over spying laws (23-6-08) BBC

Primark fires child worker firms (21-6-08) BBC

Tsvangirai pulls out of 'sham' Zimbabwe election (22-6-08) Guardian

No justice for Congo's child soldiers as trial of militia chief fails (22-6-08) Independent

Female circumcision: a tradition steeped in blood (22-6-08) Independent

China stages torch relay in Tibet (21-6-08) BBC

Zimbabwe death toll reaches 85 as militias step up killings. . . (20-6-08) Independent

UN classifies rape a 'war tactic' (20-6-08) BBC

S Leone arrests illegal migrants (19-6-08) BBC

Forgotten Kenyan conflict exposed (17-6-08) BBC

Chad town 'under attack by Sudan' (17-6-08) BBC

$40bn shortfall in Africa aid endangers 5 million lives (15-6-08) Guardian

Iraqi refugee crisis grows as West turns its back (15-6-08) Independent

Army accused of human rights abuse in case of Iraqis held . . . . (15-6-08) Independent

Mugabe: 'I'll go to war with MDC' (15-6-08) Independent

Zimbabwe is worsening, UN warns (13-6-08) BBC

'Jewish settler attack' on film (12-6-08) BBC

ID cards 'could threaten privacy' (6-6-08) BBC

Hunger fears after Mugabe aid ban (6-6-08) BBC

Call for EU to build its own army (5-6-08) BBC

Guantanamo 9/11 suspects on trial (5-6-08) BBC

UN sets out food crisis measures (5-6-08) BBC

'This is like inviting Pol Pot to a human rights conference' (3-6-08) Guardian

Gaza students appeal to Brown over travel ban (3-6-08) Independent


May 2008

Briton accused of killing family in US 'will not receive fair trial' (31-5-08) Independent

France looks at ways to curb 'fat cat' salaries across the EU (31-5-08) Independent

Guantanamo Briton will face US military court (31-5-08) Independent

Challenger blasts Mugabe's rule (30-5-08) BBC

China and Taiwan to restart talks (29-5-08) BBC

Nepal prepares to become republic (28-5-08) BBC

Burma extends detention of Aung San Suu Kyi (28-5-08) Independent

Cluster bomb ban treaty approved (28-5-08) BBC

S Africa to set up migrant camps (28-5-08) BBC

Tutu enters Gaza to start investigation into deaths (28-5-08) Guardian

Lebanon elects head of state (26-5-08) Independent

Ethnic cleansing: South Africa's shame (25-5-08) Independent

Tsvangirai returns and calls on Mugabe to 'set the people free' (25-5-08) Independent

Lebanon vote ends leader deadlock (22-5-08) BBC

Saudi maid verdict 'outrageous' (22-5-08) BBC

Gazan shot dead at blockade demo (22-5-08) BBC

Australia appoints woman bishop (22-5-08) BBC

Research into Islamic terrorism led to police response (22-5-08) Times

Gay Iranian granted asylum in UK (21-5-08) BBC

S Africa 'will protect migrants' (20-5-08) BBC

MPs back 24-week abortion limit (20-5-08) BBC

Police vote for right to strike (20-5-08) BBC

China praises world's quake aid (18-5-08) BBC

Burma 'guilty of inhuman action' (17-5-08) BBC

Burmese junta accused of hoarding food aid and handing out rotten.... (14-5-08) Independent

New deadline for Zimbabwe's vote (14-5-08) BBC

Longer terror limit 'unnecessary' (14-5-08) BBC

Burma continues to reject help (13-5-08) BBC

Tigers sink ship on polling day (10-5-08) BBC

Hezbollah takes over west Beirut (9-5-08) BBC

Burma shuns foreign aid workers (9-5-08) BBC

Tsvangirai 'fails' to secure outright win over Mugabe (5-5-08) Independent

Thousands riot in Somalia over high food prices (5-5-08) Guardian

Burma under pressure to let outside world help after cyclone kills. . . (5-5-08) Independent

Morales dismisses autonomy vote (5-5-08) BBC

UN suspends food aid to Gaza (5-5-08) BBC

Chechnya bomb kills five police (5-5-08) BBC

Zimbabwe announces poll results (2-5-08) BBC


April 2008

Mugabe parliament loss confirmed (26-4-08) BBC

Beijing 'to talk to Dalai aides' (25-4-08) BBC

Zimbabwe police in election raids (25-4-08) BBC

Violence against children 'soars' (24-4-08) BBC

Fuel crisis halts Gaza food aid (24-4-08) BBC

Israel death family fears 'ruse' (22-4-08) BBC

London torch security cost £750,000 (22-4-08) Guardian

Hamas ready to accept Gaza truce (22-4-08) Guardian

Zuma calls for election mission to Zimbabwe (22-4-08) Guardian

UKIP gains its first MP (22-4-08) Independent

Amnesty unveils shock 'waterboarding' film (22-4-08) Independent

UN food chief urges crisis action (22-4-08) BBC

'Arrests' after Zimbabwe strike (16-4-08) BBC

Day of Gaza unrest leaves 22 dead (16-4-08) BBC

ANC breaks with Mbeki to condemn 'evident' crisis in Zimbabwe (16-4-08) Independent

MDC supporters are murdered in Zimbabwe (15-4-08) Independent

Berlusconi returns to power thanks to 'post-Fascist' ally (15-4-08) Independent

MPs 'will buy' 42-day detention (14-4-08) BBC

Plan for Darfur peace talks in UK (13-4-08) BBC

Terror threat to UK 'is growing' (13-4-08) BBC

Deal to end Kenyan crisis agreed (12-4-08) BBC

Athletes who take Tibet stand 'face Olympic cut' (11-4-08) Times

Ugandan rebel leader fails to sign peace deal (11-4-08) Guardian

Zimbabwe opposition calls for general strike (11-4-08) Guardian

Court condemns Blair for halting Saudi arms inquiry (11-4-08) Independent

Human rights 'apply to UK troops' (11-4-08) BBC

Olympic torch extinguished amid Paris protests (7-4-08) Guardian

Olympic spirit comes to Britain (7-4-08) Independent

Mugabe demands vote recount as 'war veterans' arm for battle (7-4-08) Independent

Judge can rule on Zimbabwe poll (7-4-08) BBC

Talks to avert Somali aid crisis (7-4-08) BBC

UN criticises Nepal Maoist party (7-4-08) BBC

'Ex-slave' takes Niger to court (7-4-08) BBC

IOC chief speaks out over Tibet (7-4-08) BBC

Darfur women still face rape risk (7-4-08) BBC

Zimbabwe opposition in contact with military (1-4-08) Guardian

China makes 'suicide squad' claim (1-4-08) BBC

Kashmir police refuse body demand (1-4-08) BBC

Opposition leaders go into hiding as poll result is delayed (1-4-08) Independent

Somali gunmen snatch aid workers (1-4-08) Independent

Nobel winner tear-gassed in Kenya (1-4-08) BBC


March 2008

Greece hands China Olympic torch (30-3-08) BBC

Plane on stand-by for Betancourt (28-3-08) BBC

Mugabe warned of Kenya-style revolt (28-3-08) Guardian

Asylum: the peers' revolt (28-3-08) Independent

Tutu wants SA arms deal inquiry (28-3-08) BBC

Colombia offers Farc hostage deal (28-3-08) BBC

China raps Olympic torch protest (25-3-08) BBC

New Pakistan PM Gillani sworn in (25-3-08) BBC

BBC website 'unblocked in China' (25-3-08) BBC

Teachers reject 'Army propaganda' (25-3-08) BBC

Donors accused of failing Afghans (25-3-08) BBC

Olympic torch lit despite protest (24-3-08) BBC

Congressional leader calls for international condemnation of China (22-3-08) Independent

China posts wanted list for Tibet (22-3-08) BBC

Police 'shot at Tibet protesters' (20-3-08) BBC

Warlords turn to ivory trade to fund slaughter of humans (17-3-08) Independent

Arms suspect's arrest 'unlawful' (17-3-08) BBC

UN and Nato troops clash with Serbs in Kosovo (17-3-08) Independent

Kosovo clashes force UN pullout (17-3-08) BBC

Tibet's young exiles sick of passive approach (17-3-08) Guardian

Dalai Lama attacks 'cultural genocide' (17-3-08) Independent

Tibet violence 'concerns' India (17-3-08) BBC

Beijing rebuffs Olympics critics (12-3-08) BBC

US report softens stance on China (11-3-08) BBC

Homophobic abuse endemic in schools, says teacher survey (11-3-08) Guardian

Pupils 'to take allegiance oath' (11-3-08) BBC

Israel scales back Gaza operation (10-3-08) BBC

Chavez urges unity after summit (8-3-08) BBC

Israel buries victims of shooting (7-3-08) BBC

Darfur 'was worst abuse of 2006' (6-3-08) BBC

Gaza conditions 'at 40-year low' (6-3-08) BBC

All-out assault on Gaza looms as 54 die in Israeli incursion (4-3-08) Independent

Euphoria over election peace deal brings Kenya back to work (4-3-08) Independent

S Lanka finds boat migrants dead (4-3-08) BBC

Chinese beaten up in Zambia mines (4-3-08) BBC

'Lost' Indian prisoner comes home (4-3-08)

Taiwan warned over independence (4-3-08) BBC

Colombia calls for Chavez charges (4-3-08) BBC

Sudan troops clash with EU Force (4-3-08) BBC


February 2008

Israel warns of invasion of Gaza (29-2-08) BBC

Killed while they played football, the child victims of Israel's. . . . (29-2-08) Independent

Somali human traders face death (29-2-08) BBC

Deadly violence rages in Cameroon (29-2-08) BBC

US jail numbers at all-time high (29-2-08) BBC

Kremlin planning to rig election (29-2-08) Guardian

Iraq council approves 'Chemical Ali' hanging (29-2-08) Independent

Mugabe dubs poll rivals 'witches' (29-2-08) BBC

Vote Mugabe, prison staff ordered (29-2-08) BBC

Convoys roll as Nepal strike ends (29-2-08) BBC

Plea for Iraq hostages' release (29-2-08) BBC

Immigration points system begins (29-2-08) BBC

Iran 'targeting' women activists (28-2-08) BBC

Cuba signs human rights pledges (28-2-08) BBC

Bush urges wiretap immunity law (28-2-08) BBC

Fears grow for Farc sick hostage (28-2-08) BBC

Kenya rivals agree to share power (28-2-08) BBC

Gaza protesters form human chain (25-2-08) BBC

Government wants personal details of every traveller (23-2-08) Guardian

UK apology over rendition flights (20-2-08) BBC

Serbia endorses bomb attack on Kosovo border (20-2-08) Independent

Nato troops close Kosovo border (20-2-08) BBC

Palestinians 'may declare state' (20-2-08) BBC

Renewed threat of Kenyan protests (20-2-08) BBC

Selling sex to study (20-2-08) Times

Rare cooperation to save gorillas (20-2-08) BBC

British citizenship tests planned (20-2-08) BBC

Chelsea boss gets death threats (20-2-08) BBC

Battle for Cuba's future is brewing behind the scenes (20-2-08) Independent

Castro steps down as Cuban leader (19-2-08) BBC

Serbia urges UN action on Kosovo (15-2-08) BBC

Bush defends US record on Darfur (14-2-08) BBC

Pleas for condemned Saudi 'witch' (14-2-08) BBC

Burmese rebel leader is shot dead (14-2-08) BBC

Iran bans five websites (14-2-08) Guardian

Beijing condemns Olympic row 'ulterior motives' (14-2-08) Guardian

Serbia refuses to accept Kosovo's imminent secession (14-2-08) Guardian

Kenya leadership rivals sign peace deal (14-2-08) Guardian

In Olympic year, China urged to use its influence in Darfur (14-2-08) Independent

Silence speaks volumes as Beijing ignores criticism (14-2-08) Independent

A letter from the world's Nobel laureates to China: You must act. . . (14-2-08) Independent

Olympic boycott has 'no purpose' (14-2-08) BBC

Five students win terror appeal (13-2-08) BBC

Australia apology to Aborigines (13-2-08) BBC

Spielberg in Darfur snub to China (13-2-08) BBC

Sri Lanka troops killed in church (12-2-08) BBC

Calls to ban 'anti-teen' device (12-2-08) BBC

Kurdistan: A state in the making? (12-2-08) BBC

Uneasy calm on East Timor streets (12-2-08) BBC

Fair trial pledge to 9/11 accused (12-2-08) BBC

Refugees flee from Darfur to Chad (10-2-08) BBC

No 'talking ban' for UK Olympians (10-2-08) BBC

'Progress made' on Farc hostages (9-2-08) BBC

Burmese junta sets voting dates (9-2-08) BBC

Blast at Pakistan election rally (9-2-08) BBC

Beijing decision defended by IOC (8-2-08) BBC

Set Pervez free: Rice joins calls to save student (7-2-08) Independent

Khmer Rouge leader asks for bail (7-2-08) BBC

Murder charges for Kenya police (7-2-08) BBC

OSCE to boycott Russian election (7-2-08) BBC

Serbia plunged back into crisis as PM rejects EU deal (7-2-08) Independent

China frees Hong Kong journalist (5-2-08) BBC

Deported cancer woman gets worse (4-2-08) BBC

Iraq veterans are denied help for combat trauma (3-2-08) Guardian

Revealed: Chávez role in cocaine trail to Europe (3-2-08) Guardian

Suharto: 'One of the greatest mass murderers of the 20th century' (3-2-08) Independent

A week in Iraq: 'People say things are better, but it's still terrible....' (3-2-08) Independent

Chad troops battle against rebels (3-2-08) BBC

Violence follows Kenya peace plan (2-2-08) BBC

Aid staff withdrawn from Somalia (1-2-08) BBC


January 2008

Penniless India trek is under way (30-1-08) BBC

Kenya parties to begin mediation (30-1-08) BBC

Kenyan gangs seek revenge after MP is killed (30-1-08) Independent

Egyptians host Gaza rivals talks (30-1-08) BBC

Australia apology to Aborigines (30-1-08) BBC

Kenya: 'They killed our people, so now we will do likewise. We. . .' (29-1-08) Independent

Forced from the UK, dying in pain - still she thanks Britain's people (27-1-08) Guardian

Disgraced and vilified, Suharto dies aged 86 (27-1-08) Independent

France bids to mend Rwandan ties (26-1-08) BBC

Annan hits out at Kenya 'abuses' (26-1-08) BBC

Egyptian riot police try to stem tide of Palestinians (26-1-08) Independent

Musharraf: Elections will be free and fair (26-1-08) Independent

Gazans flood through Egypt border (26-1-08) BBC

Sri Lanka in jungle deaths probe (25-1-08) BBC

Pilot guilty of activist murder (25-1-08) BBC

Terror detention plans unveiled (24-1-08) BBC

Gang rape spirals in violent Kenya (23-1-08) BBC

Swedes argue over sex law (21-1-08) BBC

East DR Congo peace deal 'agreed' (21-1-08) BBC

Israel to ease blockade of Gaza (21-1-08) BBC

Israel orders closure of Gaza crossings as Palestinian anger and . . . . . (19-1-08) Guardian

Colombian clergy 'contact' Farc (17-1-08) BBC

'Seven dead' in Kenyan protests (17-1-08) BBC

Arms offer as Bush visits Saudis (15-1-08) BBC

Bangura wins appeal to stay in UK (13-1-08) BBC

Traumatised veterans 'have killed 120 in US' (14-1-08) Independent

Kenyan police 'had shoot-to-kill policy' (14-1-08) Independent

Libya key transit for UK-bound migrants (13-1-08) Guardian

Rally against Georgia poll result (13-1-08) BBC

Human Rights Act 'being abused' (12-1-08) BBC

Military approves EU Chad mission (11-1-08) BBC

Bush urges Israeli occupation end (10-1-08) BBC

CIA whistle-blower dies in Cuba (9-1-08) BBC

Kosovo gets pro-independence PM (9-1-08) BBC

Bangura permit hearing date set (9-1-08) BBC

Cancer patient loses visa battle (9-1-08) BBC

Brown confusion on ID Cards (9-1-08) Guardian

Slum TV presents the other half of the Kenyan story (9-1-08) Independent

Thaksin's wife held in Thailand after returning to 'clear name' (9-1-08) Independent

UN protests after Darfur attack (8-1-08) BBC

Shocking footage at Taylor trial (8-1-08) BBC

One laptop project loses partner (4-1-08) BBC


December 2007

UN to begin Darfur peace mission (31-12-07) BBC

Dozens feared dead in Kenyan election violence (31-12-07) Independent

Pakistan moves to delay elections (31-12-07) Guardian

Kosovo to test Slovenia leaders (31-12-07) BBC

Bhutto buried amid mass mourning (28-12-07) BBC

Europe's border-free zone expands (21-12-07) BBC

Iraq 'torture complex' discovered (20-12-07) BBC

UK 'should outlaw paying for sex' (20-12-07) BBC

Guantanamo three detained after flying home to Britain (18-12-07) BBC

Iraqis interpreting 'betrayal' (17-12-07) BBC

Saudi king 'pardons rape victim' (17-12-07) BBC

Watford fans hold Bangura protest (15-12-07) BBC

Musharraf ends Pakistan emergency (15-12-07) BBC

Bangura loses deportation hearing (11-12-07) BBC

Merkel attacks Mugabe at Lisbon (9-12-07) Guardian

Family calls on US to free last UK resident in Guantanamo Bay (9-12-07) Independent

Lisbon leaders accused of ignoring Darfur crisis (8-12-07) Guardian

UK Guantanamo four to be released (8-12-07) BBC

CIA destroyed video of 'waterboarding' al-Qaida detainees (7-12-07) Guardian

Miliband defends Mugabe boycott (7-12-07) BBC

Burma toll at least 31, UN says (7-12-07) BBC

Smith plans 42-day terror limit (6-12-07) BBC

Guantanamo legal showdown begins (5-12-07) BBC

'Humanitarian crisis' facing Ethiopia, says UN (5-12-07) Independent

World court to open Darfur cases (5-12-07) BBC

Group targets grooming of girls (5-12-07) BBC

Everyone was very kind, says freed British teacher (5-12-07) Independent

Iraqis 'left to rot' in Lebanon (4-12-07) BBC

Caborn blasts women's Games snub (4-12-07) BBC

Monitors denounce Russia election (3-12-07) BBC


November 2007

Rwanda 'hate media' terms slashed (28-11-07) BBC

The uprising against facism: Students storm Oxford Union debate (27-11-07) Independent

Sharif's triumphant return from exile adds to Musharraf's woes (26-11-07) Independent

Facebook backlash over sale of personal data (24-11-07) Independent

Kurdish girl, 14, released from detention after health concerns (24-11-07) Independent

Lebanon in crisis as Lahoud leaves army in charge (24-11-07) Independent

Khan protest at Pakistan mission (18-11-07) BBC

Zimbabwe 'ready for UK invasion' (18-11-07) BBC

Migrant complaint policy shake-up (14-11-07) BBC

Nick Clegg: We are providing ammunition for terrorists (14-11-07) Independent

Yahoo settles its China lawsuit (13-11-07) BBC

Suu Kyi ready to talk to generals (8-11-07) BBC

ID cards 'not being scrapped' (4-11-07) BBC

Pakistani police use emergency powers to detain protesters (5-11-07) Guardian

Britons 'should take to streets in support of Burmese opposition' (3-11-07) Independent

'Desperate' Musharraf declares martial law (3-11-07) Guardian

Brown 'did not discuss rights' (2-11-07) Independent


October 2007

Menezes police 'are accountable' (29-10-07) BBC

A royal guest to be proud of? (29-10-07) Independent

Guantanamo military lawyer breaks ranks to condemn 'unconscionable' detention (27-10-07) Independent

Zimbabwe refugees are returned home despite asylum policy (26-10-07) Independent

Sudan survivors answer your questions (26-10-07) BBC

Alan Johnston: My kidnap ordeal (25-10-07) BBC

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