Human Rights round-up 29-11-07

A brief look book at some of the issues that have been making the news recently

Free speech or no platform? This debate came to a head when Monday evenings talk in Oxford by BNP leader Nick Griffin and Holocaust Denier David Irvine was halted by large protests. A Kurdish Asylum Seeker, Meltem Avcil, was released from detention in Britain over fears for her Mental Health, the Home Office was attempting to deport her to Germany were she was refused asylum over six years ago. She has since been educated in Britain and is fluent in English.

In Darfur rebels have demanded the withdrawal of Chinese 'Peacekeepers', who are shoring up the Sudanese government. Rebel leader Khalil Ibrahim stated "We oppose them coming because China is not interested in human rights. It is just interested in Sudan's resources". In Zimbabwe, Mughabe has declared that his vision is a vision for all Africa and that Zimbabwe is ready should international forces attempt to use force to usurp his rule.

A 19 year old woman in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to 200 lashes and 6 months imprisonment for a combination of initially 'mingling' with males who were not relatives and then for being gang-raped, further punished being applied for rape which took place in prison. International backlash has caused outrage by Saudi authorities and the young woman's lawyer Abd al-Rahman al-Lahem, a renowned Human Rights advocate has been suspended.

In Palestine the emergency government headed by Prime Minister Salam Fayd has drawn up a promising and ambitious plan for peace in the occupied territories, the most progressive move since the collapse of talks at Camp David seven years ago. Close by in Lebanon a state of emergency was declared by former President Emile Lahoud who stepped down with his announcement. The situation has left fears of faction fighting and the country destabilising into chaos. In Pakistan, Musharraf has stepped down from his military post to take full civilian rule of the country despite ongoing protests from lawyers and the return from exile of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

And finally in the cyber 'world', popular social networking sight Facebook is facing action following its new 'Facebook Beacon' program which monitors users actions on external sights and feeds them to advertising companies.