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Goyang speculation

An article that appeared on the Korean media site 'Daum' in late August, began rumours that Ansan, or rather the 'H' brand, could be on their way to Goyang city for the K2 next season. When asking representatives of Ansan FC after the game against Gimhae they denied the rumours, instead pointing to concerns of backing from Ansan City Hall. It immediately seemed that Ansan might be safe for a team for another season.

However, the 23rd meeting of the Goyang Assembly did discuss poaching Ansan 'H' FC as part of its plans to become a 'sports city', in line with its baseball team, 'Wonders', and basketball team, 'Orions'. During the meeting, officials supported the poaching move 11-10. This was later confirmed when Ansan FC officials and players attended a ceremony in Goyang to officially launch 'Goyang H FC' (despite having remaining fixtures to play for the 2012 N League season.

Of note, Goyang had a football for the 2012 N League season, Goyang KB (a Korean bank), and at the time of writing, their fate is unknown. Speaking to club officials, they stated that they did not have a strong desire to move to Goyang, but the move had been forced by the attitude Ansan City Hall.

In light of this, AFSC made the decision to support the team unconditionally until the end of the 2012 N League season.


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