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2012 pre-season specualtion

The end of the Hallelujah brand in Ansan?

The full title of Ansan's football team is 'Ansan Hallelujah Football Club' and the 'Hallelujah' football franchise was established in 1980 with obvious church links. The team has played in several cities including Iksan and Gimpo. The franchise first came to Ansan in 2007 and thus was born Ansan Hallelujah FC. The franchise clearly displays its religious connections overtly, much more so than other church founded clubs such as Celtic, Rangers and Ajax, and this caused to some tensions int he city. Indeed, the team mvoed from Iksan because of conflicts with local Won Buddhists. It has been specualted for some time that some tensions also existed in Ansan city, depsite the proximity of several major churches to the Wa Stadium and for several season there were rumours that Hallelujah would be moving the following year. Specualtion also continued throughout the seasons that Ansan City Hall would fund a new team for the city. In Deceomber 2011, on-line rumours had it that Hallelujah were finished in Ansan and would be seeking a new home city for the 2012 season (some claiming that they were going to be an ambitious move to become a K-League team). When Busan released their fixture list for the 2012 season, their away fixture against 'Ansan Hallelujah' was labelled as having no defined venue. The Hallelujah facebook site also listed their home ground as being in Hanam, near Seongnam City. However speculation was finally ended in an unexpected manner just before the beginning of the 2012 season.

The birth of 'Ansan H FC'

A week before the 2012 season kicked off, 'Ansan Hallelujah FC' made a huge announcment, the biggest in the history of the 'Hallelujah' franchise. The team would be staying in Ansan and the emblem for the team changed, but also the 'Hallelujah' label would be dropped, simply for 'H'. Reportedly standing for 'Hero, Hope, Harmony, Holy, Heritage' etc, the team would now be known as 'Ansan H Football Club'. Moreover the emblem was changed, reportedly in an official statement, to increase the appeal of the club to local fans and build a support face to justify a move to the K League. The cross has been dropped and instead the outline of an eagle can be seen. Perhaps something more related ot Ansan would have been preferable but the hope of the changes would be to increase the crowds in Ansan, maintain backing from City Hall and move Ansan Football up to where a team from a city of Ansan's size, should be.

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