2016 FA Cup    


  3rd Round

Ansan 3 - 0 Sangji University

Ansan had a troublesome tie with Sangji University before a Choi Yeongjoon goal ten minutes from time. This broke Sangji's resistance and Ansan wrapped up the tie with goals from Kong Minhyeon and Hwang Jiwoong.

  4th Round

Ansan 3 - 2 Konkuk university (AET)

Ansan were given a real scare in a tight contest with Konkuk University. Konkuk took the lead in the second half before Kim Sunghyun struck a late equaliser. Konkuk thought they had it won however, when they retook the lead deep into injury time, only for Ansan to strike again courtesy of Choi Bokyung from the kick off. Another Choi goal in the second half of extra time was enhough to see Ansan into the next round, and avoid being on the reciving end of an upset.

  5th Round

FC Seoul 2 - 1 Ansan

Ansan put on a brave performance in the capital, with Jiwoong Hwang scoring a consolation fifteen minutes from time to keep Ansan hopes alive until the final whistle.

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