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Article by Hyeonhee Kim for Nate Sports commenting on Ansan fans protest against the rumoured move to Jamsil in 2012

Gimhyeonhoe | 'UK small village of' a National League stadium

17th March 2012
Yesterday (16 days) from the wind and rain in the evening molahchyeotda metropolitan area. Locate the K-league stadium atmospheres priority every weekend through the wind and rain to watch the National League match held on Friday in a long round headed only by a more than 100km from my house Ansan. Shinhan Life Insurance 2012 National League Suwon, Ansan, HFC and FC this was for the match. Ansanwa game held at the stadium called secondary stadium, not everything was poor. The players took advantage of a sideways bench in the locker room tent crowd even though the rain hitting the roof, but they were fit due to the wind as it is.

British Foreign seopoteoseu club, including Mike Brandon (left) Ansan Ansan HFC is a rumor would leave a piercing made directly to the Jamsil plan card.

The spectators sat about 100 people gathered in the huddle auxiliary stadium terraces. Most players were family. But three or four foreigners could take place while sipping a beer watching the game. It was very familiar landscape. One after another after you've sent and received every foreigner arriving to greet each other out of staples while focused on the game. Among the surprise it was dressed in Anshan Ido HFC uniform. If you missed the chance Anshan tteuteot put your head high contrast, when this was an amazing save from Anshan he sent a cheer. Who they are indeed. Why it would stand facing the wind and rain in the National League stadium Koreans no one noticed.

"What ever people from religious groups associated with Hallelujah?" Asked a curious mind and ran. Then foreigners started to answer kindly. Brandon was a man named Mike came from the United Kingdom. "We're foreigners in Ansan seopoteoseu club. Religious colors and the team is completely unrelated people, "he explained more about Ansan Foreign seopoteoseu club. "There are about 60 people enrolled in the meeting that they actually work doejyo 30 to 40 people. If the game is usually held 5-6 a day or so ssikeun all. "

They gathered to cheer Anshan transcends nationality and race. Brandon is added to the end. "I mostly foreigners living in the surrounding live in Ansan. I have a friend next to my inde British people come from the United States. I have friends from New Zealand, India and Africa. "He was watching the game while wearing a uniform thin Anshan HFC despite the rain and wind and cold. Brandon said. "I wanted to inform is so cold and the fact that the players and the players with uniforms I Anshan watching the game."

Brandon asked. "Why would I cheer for one Anshan?" And he replied that it seemed natural. "I am because we live in Ansan. Of course I have to cheer for Anshan. I've never done anything as small as just another idea. As soon as this was the first director of the Anshan I was looking to see if there is any football team in this area. But also big club like FC Seoul and Suwon Bluewings I do not have to be a real fan of the team. WHY? I yinikkayo Anshan people. What more do you need this explanation. Anshan is always a team that I cheer. "

Brandon was the end they threw in the football culture of Korea is illuminated normally very cheering my team as a European club in the district, while the other side is the most plain meaning. So think about how muleotdeoni phenomenon in European football by watching the frenzied in Korea this answer is returned. "What is truly sad to cheer the football team on the other side of the world. I'm rooting for our local team and I see them staring at me send this booed here just before jumping. But in Korea watching European football, no matter how the reaction ohnayo be booed? The charm of watching a game of football is a team that did the most gakkaunde directly. "

"No matter, no matter how famous British team do not unconditionally support the team. I support the self-town team. So we cheer while watching the local team play more directly and meet someone to share a story about the team divided the team keojyeoyo. Haejumyeon support and love their local team in Korea to further develop the team. "But what he charges is trivial answer. Korea, so too could a man enthusiastically month disagreements overlooking the football in the UK is horse teeth do you mean to convey by direct experience. After all the teams we have to love the most is our neighborhood teams.

Brandon had smoked folded card on the plan throughout the game pulled directly into the computer. There have been written this uptake. "Do not go to Jamsil, Anshan HFC card plan that was prepared Buryat Buryat heard that the ointment might move to Seoul Jamsil. Anshan HFC known but Jamsil foray through the media reports are prepared Brandon was tteunsomun this message in mind is that just in case. "I have a good stadium in Ansan is also a lot population. Leaving these places disappear team's very unfortunate thing. I've made directly to the card in all plans minds want to hold on to the team. "

Anshan by John Burley dalryeoon look at Uiwang, Gyeonggi-do, with her daughter to cheer Suwon FC.

Right next to them sat cheering in Ansan another foreigner who watch football with the 7-year-old daughter. This time the story is handed over to him. That also named John Burley watdanda in the UK. "I'm a fan of Suwon FC. South Korea 10 years ago and became dwaetneunde neck support 3 years, John heulreoteo the FC. "He really is a reason to cheer for FC Suwon muleotdeoni What wonder is a very simple answer came back. "I boroughs in Uiwang, Gyeonggi-do. I live in a place where the nearest football team Suwon's right. That's why I do not except. Today, the subway with a daughter come down here. My daughter also loves indeed the Suwon FC. "

He was also a similar opinion and Brandon. "The football in England is a part of life. That's not necessarily a big club took place in several phenomena. I live here are rooting for a football team that I did naturally Football is a part of life. But in Korea, I do not think so. South Korea there are people like this in our neighborhood a great team like just downed only big clubs in Europe. Me and FC Barcelona are living in Uiwang, Gyeonggi-do, I do not have any association Why should cheer for Barcelona? If a lot of spectators cheering the performances like reminiscing. South Korea will also be made more robust if the league is looking to support a team culture in the region. "

He left a daughter sit on your lap and began to explain the Suwon players. His 8-year-old daughter just now was also staring at the ground with curious eyes. What happened to the United Kingdom holds such a strong football league could see from here. I live in the area of ​​the team, most of them from the Father and am grown up with as a kid watching that will open is emanating. His 8-year-old daughter who will be more than familiar team Suwon FC Barcelona. Let Suwon earned scores clapping along with their daughter, who was cheered all.

I do not have stadium seating that separates the secondary nature of home and away fans jinpunggyeong this happened. Foreigners and foreign cheering cheering for FC Suwon, Ansan could merge together to HFC. Look to avoid the wind and rain, sitting in a small crowd gathered huddle goal coming alternately from both cheers and sighs every time burst was reminiscent of a small town look like a football team in England to the game. It was also a provocation mixed with the other fans in front of the charming seconds each time with each other, but you know the fact that such a split from England during the interview that he was cheering the team nuninsa he put the bone.

Myeongseungbu for directing the day the game is popping four goals in the second half and ended 2-2. Fits the weather conditions in the secondary stadium naseotdeon in the game, it rang the referee's final whistle had all the interference of the force as sit down on the ground. Jeongjak we have no Englishman daemyeonseo crowded stadium in the National League does not pay attention to look at How do we look to support the self-town team. Rather the contrary, neither foreigners K-League, the fact that so interested in the National League is great for the bar, which means that we spend a blind affection in European football. Their word "our neighborhood teams are more attractive than the team on the other side of the world" is commonplace, but came as a big sound.