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Common Questions

What is Ansan Foreign Supporters Club?

AFSC was established in 2008 as a group of non-Koreans who regularly attended matches at the Wa Stadium. There is noticably a lack of promotion or awarenss of the team around the city, so the club was set-up as a point of meeting for those interested in watching Ansan football. Many of the original members of the club had attended matches before either alone or in a small group, so the club was established to allow people to meet other fans more easilly and enhance the matchday experience. Of note, there were many non-Koreans interested in watching games at the Wa Stadium and whence the name 'Foreign Supporters Club' was chosen. It is also noted that there is a lack of information about the club available ofr non-Korean speakers so AFSC intends to create a resource in English for anyone interested in the team.

Site writers James Finnie & Mike Brandon with former Ansan team manager Ted

Why is the website domain ''?

The '' name was chosen for convenience, not necessarily to be representative of the club members. Altough the majority of club members over the last few years have been from the UK; Irish, Americans, New Zealanders and even Austrians have attended games with AFSC. AFSC is a membership by attendance only club, so we do not take donations from members, as a result the current domain was the most economically viable choice at the time. Donations however are certainly welcome to establish other domain names for the website.

The club play in blue, so why all the white and red?

The original Ansan team played in white and red, and along with the team, Ansan Foreign Supporters Club gained an identity with the colours. When AFSC reformed during the 2014 season, it was decided that those colours should be maintained as the supporters colours despite the team now playing in blue (home) and white (away). The colours are in no means a protest, but instead intending to give continuity to the supporters club, and possibly even inform future kit choices of Ansan teams.

Who are Ansan's rivals?

Given the nature of Korean football, opposing fans tend to mingle especially in the lower leagues, as a result of poor attendances. As such, Ansan have no serious rivals but there are some general contenders. With Suwon being the closest city to Ansan, they are a natural geographical rival, altough Suwon City is identified as the major rival as opposed to Suwon Blue Wings due to Suwon City being a common opponent over the years. Therefore Ansan VS Suwon City is considered a derby. Other teams with a relationship with Ansan are Goyang Hi, the incarnation of the former 'Hallelujah' franchise that played in Ansan, altough due to the positive relationship between fans and the set-up they are not considered a rival, and Sangju with this being the army team to rival the police team. Ansan VS Sangju forms a unique situation wherby the players will consider the rivalry more serious than the fans, as AFSC is opposed to the franchise system and follow the team as represetnatives of Ansan rather than the franchise itself.

Mike Brandon - Club Chair
After his first game at the Wa in 2008, he has worked to promote the Ansan team in all of its various guises. An Everton fan in his native land, so is well acclimatised to going nowhere football.
James Finnie - Correspondent
First visited the Wa in 2010 and has since indulged in the mayhem that involves following a lower league Korean side around the country and being confronted by no home fans. A Newcastle fan, he is no stranger to supporting clubs in turmoil.
David Spiers - Away Correspondent
Followed Ansan back in its original Hallelujah glory days in 2007 and is therefore cursed to attend Ansan matches forevermore. Making great sacrifices to watch Korean football, it mirrors his efforts to swim to St Mirren games.
Kyle Gobler - Communications Officer
Came to the city in 2014 and was keen to get behind the local side. Yet to discover how much of ones soul is sucked dry by Ansan football, he is the driving force behind bringing other hitherto pure souls to the Wa Stadium.


@ansanfc went live in February 2011, ahead of the 2011 National League season. AFSC members have attended Wa Stadium matches from 2006 but the club was established in 2008 to bring fans together.

All images on this website are taken by AFSC members. All matchday photographs and video footage are original. Player profile pics are taken from the official Ansan website. The official logo of Ansan Hallelujah FC, Ansan H FC and Ansan Police FC are take from the offical team websites. The following images are taken from external sources (click to go to source); Ansan Protest

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